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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

[BONUS RANT] Carrying

I ended up missing a blog post yesterday so it's time for a bonus rant!

Recently, I've decided to really give it my all in ranked. Currently, if I play normal games, I'm consistently matched with high platinum and low diamond ranking players. That'd be normal if they were playing with friends of lower rankings or I was playing with higher ranking friends but that isn't the case and due to it's consistency, I've started to really believe I can do better.

I started focusing on my main roles(mid and AD carry) and just trying to play them as much as possible. Most of the time, people are fairly accepting of the fact that those are my best roles and are fairly cooperative. At least in champion select.

This isn't me complaining about how I can't carry trolls and feeders or how I blame my teammates all day, every day. This is me trying to send a message to all those players that fall behind. This is a plea to those who have a really fed/farmed ally that is almost unstoppable.

My singular request being made is that when one of your allies is really ahead, let yourself be carried.

Yes, let yourself be carried. If they say 'group up', try to group up. If they say 'push, don't chase', maybe you should try pushing instead of chasing down that 100 health Singed that has 50 more movement speed than you. Chances are, if they've managed to make it that far ahead, they're going to have *some* ideas about handling the game.
If 4 members of the enemy team are dead and an enemy Shaco is trying to backdoor a tower that's already really low, don't chase him, try to get objectives.
If the enemies have a lot of divers and your backline is really, really fed, maybe you should try protecting them instead of diving in return.
If you're jungling and the entirety of your team is respawning but the enemy is taking Baron, go for the steal since there's not much else you can lose.

At the end of the day, you're not the only person trying to carry yourself to pro status so don't think you're the only one capable of doing it. Some times the best way to win a game is for an ally to do it for you.

Especially if you're a Riven that would rather dive onto an enemy support than protect your 18/4 Draven.

I swear I'm not bitter.

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