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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dóiteán, the Fire Revenant

After doing a bunch of writing for various character ideas, I've decided to post them to see what everyone thinks!

Dóiteán is fire given shape. He is encased in ash coated armour and wields a great claymore, shrouded in flame. Dóiteán is the embodiment of fire, burning all enemies in his path and spreading flame like a wildfire.

"Is it hot in here or is it just me?"

Lokfar, a land of warriors and brutality. Land of pillaging and raiding, murder and battle. For Dóiteán Teine, it is a comfortable home. Long ago, he was known as the Flame Warden, the keeper of a mystical fire spirit that blessed his warrior clan with great power. When the Clan Wars started, it was discovered that a rival clan had gained the blessing of their own fire spirit and sought to destroy the Teine clan and claim their spirit for themselves. As the Flame Warden, Dóiteán knew that it was forbidden to speak with the fire spirit but also as the Flame Warden, he knew that it was his job to protect his people. The night before the clan was attacked, Dóiteán made his way to the fire spirit's altar and begged the spirit for it's blessing so that he may have the power to defend his clan. To see a member of such a proud clan on his knees brought enjoyment to the spirit and thus gave Dóiteán the power he sought. At a terrible price. The spirit consumed Dóiteán and possessed his body and took his name. It had been many centuries since the spirit had known the rush of glorious combat and was feeling merciful, thus he slaughtered the attacking clan to the last man.
The blood only fueled the menacing fires that filled Dóiteán's body. The Teine clan never saw the sunrise.
After the massacre, the spirit discovered that it was his old nemesis, Brand, that had driven the attacking clan forward. Upon discovery, the two became locked in combat for many days and many nights. It was only when a clan of shamanistic nomads discovered the site of the slaughter that they found the spirits in their fight. Using the power of all that is natural, the shamans locked away the two fire spirits in the hopes that they would never again find a way to cause so much destruction. It would not last.
Years later, a foolish man found his way to the imprisoned spirits and set them free. Brand knew he would need a body in order to combat Dóiteán should he also awake, thus he took his victim and set sail to new land where Dóiteán would soon follow.
The goal of Dóiteán is to have a very aggressive, very mobile damage dealer that doesn't have much utility or crowd control, just a heavy focus on speed and damage.

Passive - Feel The Burn! All of Dóiteán's attacks and abilities apply a DoT equal to a small percentage of his attack damage. The effect stacks but new stacks don't refresh the duration of the previous applications.

Q - Incinerate Dóiteán launches a fireball that explodes on impact, dealing minor damage to all nearby enemies.

W - Wildfire Passively increases Dóiteán's movement speed based on the number of burning enemies. Activates to apply Feel the Burn! on all enemies in a large area.

E - Disperse Dóiteán explodes before reforming nearby.(Short range blink)

R - Grand Corona Dóiteán unleashes his immense power in a massive cleaving attack dealing large amounts of damage to all enemies hit. The goal of Corona is to bring the feeling of an action RPG boss battle. Enemies will see the range indicator before he attacks and it has a channel time of 1-1.5 seconds.

Fun fact, Dóiteán is an Irish word that means 'blaze' or 'conflagration'.

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