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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Jack, the Noxian Artist

I'm just gonna start things off by saying my all-time favourite villains and antagonists have always been the intelligent, calculated killers. Number one being Hannibal Lecter.
With that in mind, I wanted to create a character that can stand beside a character like Shaco and they can manage to creep each other out.
I present to you...

Jack, the Noxian Artist

"What a lovely shade of red!"

In the city of Noxus, there are many untold horrors and nightmares walking down the streets. Monsters, experiments, and humans, among many other dark beings. Despite the grim nature of the city, not all of it's denizens are creatures of doom and gloom.
Jack Kunstler was known as one of the greatest painters in all of Valoran. He saw the world in a way none could. Even in the tainted alleys of Noxus, he found the beauty. In the darkest corners of Bilgewater's taverns, he finds the honesty.
He did something that few in Noxus have achieved. He lived a happy life.
The love of his life was a magnificent alchemist and their son followed in her footsteps. Even from a young age, the boy loved alchemy.

Once a month, the merchant caravans would arrive in Noxus to begin their trading. It was from these merchants that Jack bought his supplies as the options in Noxus were rather limited and dreary.
After purchasing his supplies, he made his way home.
The sight that was before him as he opened the door destroyed him in an instant.
The bodies of his beloved and son lay cold in the middle of the room. The tables were overturned, the chairs destroyed, and the walls were painted red.
The door to his wife's study was in splinters. She had always worked on high profile projects but he never imagined they would come for her work.

Then Jack did something that changed him forever. He laughed.
The colours were beautiful. The scene in front of him was a masterpiece. He felt the artistic drive he had felt many, many times before but this time it was directed to a different canvas.
As he picked up up his palette knife, he knew he would create very beautiful pieces. The colours around him, now ingrained in his mind, would be displayed for all.
The people of Valoran would become his next masterpiece.

Passive - Watch Them Bleed    Jack's basic attacks and damaging abilities cause enemies to bleed dealing damage over time based off of his attack damage(the scaling may be able to increase with levels). In addition to this, Jack maintains vision on all bleeding targets.

Q - Bloody Mess   Jack turns his target into a beautiful canvas, coating them in a delightful shade of red. The target takes increased damage from bleeding.

W - Invigorating!    Jack giggles with joy at the beauty of the red seen before him! Jack gains increased lifesteal against bleeding targets passively. When activated, Jack heals himself each time he causes a new target to bleed.

E - Stop And Smell the Roses    Jack has always liked the beautiful red roses but no one stops to admire them. Jack will make them stop. Jack gashes at the target's legs, slowing them and causing them to bleed.

R - Bleed Them Dry    Jack needs to restock his reds as he has gone and used them all up. The bleeding stacks on target enemy are immediately depleted, causing them to apply all of their remaining damage instantly. The damage is multiplied for each stack of bleeding on the target. (1 stack, 1x damage. 2 stacks, 2x damage, etc.)

The goal of Jack is to create a character that is completely and utterly insane.
Much line many of the other nightmares that make Valoran their home, Jack is imprisoned by the Institute of War. While there was more than enough evidence brought up against him after nearly a hundred deaths across the continent to warrant an execution, the Institute felt the need to experiment on his mind to see what it was that caused him to snap like he did.

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