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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Krunch, the Jungle Commando

I decided that I wanted to go for something a little different with my next creation. The goal was to go with an older idea that popped up a long time ago in League of Legends but was never really expanded on, the Yordle Commandos.
As far as playstyle goes, I was really trying to get the feel of a covert ops guerilla warfare specialist. I feel like I could do a lot more work on his ability concepts but the ones I have currently given him are fairly decent. Definitely want to do something more with his W and E though.

Krunch, the Jungle Commando

There are some yordles that get recognition and fame for their work in the Bandle City Special Forces. Some, however, prefer to be a little more discreet.
Krunch was always very violent growing up. When in school, he would often start fights with the other children and then with the teachers that tried to break the fight up.
He ended up becoming what so few yordles can cope with. Krunch became a loner. Yet, somehow, Krunch liked it. He wasn't being yelled at for fighting, he wasn't having to put up with the other students.
Naturally when Krunch came of age, he enlisted for the Bandle City Special Forces. The commanding officers couldn't believe how not just one of their soldiers but now two of them have a preference for solo missions? Absurd. Nonetheless, Krunch got his solo missions.

When a mission came up that required only a single yordle to travel deep into the Plague Jungles to gather intelligence, the Special forces were put into a bit of a bind. Their top solo agent was already out on a lengthy scouting mission and they didn't think this savage agent would be capable of getting what they needed. Unfortunately, there was little in the way of proper discussion, Krunch was sent on his first important mission.

For months, the combat ready yordle traversed the great Plague Jungles while following an organization known only as Grey Order. For nigh on a year, the commando stalked his prey, never once being detected by his quarry. On occasion, an animal would be foolish enough to attack him but that battle wouldn't last long. Due to the nature of the land, the Grey Order never questioned the sounds of savage animals fighting one another nor the sound of a knife cutting flesh. There were many more gruesome sounds they had adjusted to.

One day, while Krunch was skirting around the edge of a recent encampment, he was detected. Unfortunately for the poor soul, Krunch had detected him long before. Despite hiding the evidence of the victim, he was unable to hide their absence and his quarry made for the escape, destroying everything behind them.

While surveying the wreckage, Krunch was able to find one piece of information that would be useful. A time, a place, and the worlds "Black Lotus will perish". While Krunch was no expert on politics or secret orders, he knew this would be a fight that he could not pass up. His mission was complete.


Passive- Necro-toxic Blade
Krunch's basic attacks gain a percentage increase in damage based off of the missing health of his target.

Q- Ambush
Krunch leaps at the target, dealing a large amount of damage that is affected by Necro-toxin Blade.

W- Jungle Fiend
Krunch passive gains bonus attack damage. This bonus increases if Krunch was recently in brushes.
Actively, Krunch's next attack briefly silence the target.

E- Track Them Down
Krunch throws his knife at the target, slowing them and revealing the target for a short duration.

R- Jungle Commando
While active, Krunch cannot be directly targeted by abilities as long as he is in the brush or for a short time after leaving it. He can still be hit by skillshots and basic attacks. Greatly reduces the cooldown of Ambush for the duration.

That's pretty much it for Krunch. I like this character quite a bit so I'll probably be returning to him in the near future.

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