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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Ignatia, the Red Lady

I've always loved the rivalries and friendships in the League of Legends lore and how they affect the grand scheme of things.
I decided I'd give a partner in crime to Regi.
This character is designed to be very fiery and energetic while still being intelligent.

Also, I wanted to actually create a mage instead of a handful of warriors and a psychopath.

Ignatia, the Red Lady

Ignatia spent her early years among the nobles of Noxus as her parents had expected her. They were very close allies with the Du Couteau family thus believed that their children should learn to be together. Ignatia never took a liking to Katarina or Cassiopeia, they schemed too much.
In her teenage years, she was able to meet the adopted daughter of the legendary Gregory Du Couteau, Regi Du Couteau. She was polite when she had to be and seemed to be someone with at least some virtues as rare as that was in Noxus.
Unfortunately, between Ignatia's studies of the arcane and Regi's training, they rarely spent time together. When Ignatia started learning scrying techniques, she would often employ them so that her and Regi may stay in contact. They would rant at each other about how rough their lessons were or talk about the other noble children. For once, Ignatia felt like she had an ally or even a friend.

On the day of Regi's birthday, Gregory Du Couteau was executed for conspiring against the General Du Couteau and his adopted daughter was missing. Ignatia didn't take long to decide a course of action. She left immediately in search of her friend.
After a week of searching, she found Regi in a tavern on the outskirts of the Noxus. After being reunited and Regi explaining the events that had taken place, the two of them decided that they would have to be the ones to change Noxus but they wouldn't be able to do it alone.

From city to city, tavern to tavern they traveled in search of those with a hatred of Noxus and the family that ruled it. It was by no means difficult to find people but there were few that were cut out for their plans.
As their alliance grew and their names were known, they began their work. Raiding Noxian caravans, attacking high profile bureaucratic events, and taking nobles as prisoners for ransom(although few ever payed for their release). It wasn't long before they were Noxus' greatest outlaws.

The axe-wielding Crimson Queen was known throughout Noxus for her skill and brutality on the battlefield while the fiery Red Lady became known as a military genius through her use of pyromancy and tactics. Despite a change of leadership in Noxus, their plans remained unaltered. They would rebuild Noxus and they would fix their nation...

but first they had to destroy it.

"Noxus will burn for it's crimes and I will be the one to set it ablaze."

P - Fiery Spirit
Each time Ignatia deals damage she gains a stacking buff that increases her total damage output. Only lasts for a short period of time without dealing damage.

Q - Fireball
Replaces Ignatia's basic attacks. Ignatia's attacks now launch powerful fireballs at her foes to set them ablaze.[basically makes her attacks scale with AP at the cost of a large amount of mana per attack]

W - Magma Shock
Ignatia shatters the earth at her target's location causing flames to erupt around the area. Enemies passing through the area take damage over time. The damage increases if the target's remain in the area.

E - Meteor Shot
Fusing fire and earth, Ignatia launches a ball of concentrated magma at her foe, causing them to take damage over time and become stunned.

R - Dragon's Roar
Ignatia lets out a powerful, magical roar that creates a wave of flame in front of her. Enemies adjacent to Ignatia upon activation are feared.

I very much want Ignatia to maintain her noble stature to better contrast Regi's rebellious nature. As far as visuals go, I imagine wearing something that would be common in a house of nobles. Probably something along the lines of a red tailcoat that's classy, feminine, and still badass. Probably wearing some pieces of metal armour such as gauntlets and greaves for defensive use in close combat.

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