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Friday, 7 March 2014

Regi, the Crimson Queen

Alright, here we go. Regi, the Crimson Queen is my first attempt at a badass female champion. I've never really been a fan of those dainty little girls sitting out of a fight, trying to throw damage at enemies. Get badass and punch something already. I mean, look at Vi. I think she's doing alright for herself as Caitlyn just sits in the back trying to get potshots and pretend she's doing something.
The design goal for Regi was to get work done. In my mind's eye, I was envisioning her as something akin to a strong, armoured Cruella de Vil. Heavy plate armour underneath a large cloak with large fur trim around the shoulders. Her axe, Krieg, is closer to a halberd than an axe. About two meters in height including the head of the axe. Krieg is would be black in colour with an intricate red design across the blades. Basically make it look as over the top and sinister as possible.
Anyway, without further ado, I present...

Regi, the Crimson Queen

Not every queen lives a life of glamour and elegance. Some much prefer living their lives on the battlefield, deep in the bloodshed of war.
That is the life that the young Regi grew up in.

Her father was a swordsman in the Rune Wars and fought valiantly despite the occupation almost always being a death sentence at the time. It proved to hold true as her father died a year before the war ended, the same day she was born.

While she was still young, living in the streets of Noxus, her mother died of disease. The newly orphaned girl, despite her circumstance, never cried. Oddly enough, the lack of cries is what interested well known warrior that had once been an orphan himself, Gregory du Couteau, adopted brother of the mighty General du Couteau. Gregory took the small orphan under his wing to train her in the ways of the world.

As she grew, it was apparent that she shared her instructor's warrior's spirit as she took a liking to his great armoury, often playing around with the training weapons he had lying about. When she was old enough to properly hold a weapon, he had decided it was time to begin her training. Naturally, she began with the sword and shield but it did not fit her aggression. He tried teaching her the ways of the sword but to an avail. The greatsword began to see improvement but her nature wasn't disciplined enough to perfect it.
He had often hoped that he could find a student that shared his same interest. Despite having trained an exceptional lad by the name of Darius, he had never found a student to carry on his legacy. Perhaps this child would be his heir.

As she grew, she became stronger, more intelligent and cunning, and became a beautiful woman which made the main Du Couteau family quite jealous. What kind of street scum could ever be the level of warrior they were? Gregory paid them no heed and continued to train young Regi.

On the day she came of age, she was brought with Gregory to the Du Couteau house for a meeting that was required of all adult members of the family. The General had an announcement.
As they arrived and took her place, Regi felt uneasy and tried to convince Gregory to leave, she didn't like this. He gave her a pat on the head and held her hand. As he moved his hand away, a key remained in Regi's hand. The key to Gregory's weapon chest that held the only weapons she was never trained with.

The meeting started with talks of the war between Ionia and Noxus as the Institute of War had decided to step in to decide the war once and for all, the family needed to choose the champions that would represent them.
Suddenly, a group of the Noxian Elite burst into the room and grabbed Gregory, listing a large number of crimes he had committed against the name Du Couteau and was to be executed. The only response Gregory had was for Regi. 'Run.'

Regi fled from the house, fled from her adopted father, and fled from her former allies. She knew what she had to do. She went back to Gregory's house to retrieve whatever it was that he believed she should have. As she opened the locked chest, she saw a great red cloak with beautiful fur shoulders underneath beautifully crafted Noxian armour.

Dawning her new regalia, there was one last gift her mentor had left for her. Underneath the armour and cloak lay a sinister weapon that called out to her. As long as she was tall with steel as black as night. The sinister axe of rebellion, Krieg.

Armed with her gifts and with her resolve, she left Noxus and the name Du Couteau. Thanks to her mentor's training, she knew what she had to do. She would establish herself as the mightiest warrior Valoran had ever seen and she would avenge her friend's death. She would destroy the Du Couteaus.

"Strike once with precision, with ferocity and power, with cunning, and with everything in your being. Strike once and make sure you never have to strike again." - Gregory Du Couteau

P - Krieg, the Rebellious
The power of this mighty axe grows as it rejoices in the heat of battle, fueling it's wielder with a mighty ferocity. As long as Regi has been in combat for 5 seconds or more, she reduces the duration of crowd control effects by 30%..

Q - Where it Hurts
Regi bashes her foe with the butt of her axe, briefly stunning them for 1 second and dealing 35/50/65/70/85(0.4AD) damage.

W - Unruly Cleave
Regi brings Krieg around in a low swing at the legs of her foes, dealing 20/40/60/80/100(0.4 AD) and slowing them by 10/15/20/25/30%.

E - Anarchist
Regi gains one stack of Anarchy for each second spent in combat. Each stack increases Regi's attack damage by 2/3.5/5/6.5/8. At 6 stacks, the casting time of Krieg's Devastation is reduced to .5 seconds. Anarchy caps at 10 stacks.

R - Krieg's Devastation
As the ground beneath her feet begins to crumble and quake from sheer power, Regi readies a grand cleave that will grant death to all in her wake. Krieg's Devastation deals 100/200/300(1.0 AD). Deals additional damage based off of 30% of the enemy's missing health.
Base casting time is 2 seconds, reduced to .5 seconds by Anarchist.

I wanted her to have that same feel of executioner that Darius brings but with a different style to it in addition to feeling like a ticking time bomb.

Regi was very heavily inspired by both Cruella de Vil and Xena.
Krieg is a German word meaning "War" and Regi is based from the name Regina which means queen!

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