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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Regi, the Crimson Queen

I am playing way too many favourites with this character. Going for another redesign, hoping to make the theme feel a lot tighter this time 'round.

Regi, the Crimson Queen

In Noxus there is only one true law. Survive or die. Noxus has no room for weaklings and no room for those that are not strong. Leaders come and leaders go, men will rise and heads will roll.
Such is the story of the Angst family.
Gregory Angst quickly rose among the ranks of the Noxian military, achieving the rank of General within four years of the beginning of his campaign. He quickly became a man of great influence and vast connections, spreading his influence not just through Noxus but through the entirety of Valoran. As a Noxian military leader, he was respected by both his peers and his enemies.
Despite his greatness, he is not the focus of this tale.
The true beginning to this tale started with the birth of the General's heiress, Regina Brunhilde Angst, a baby born in a silent night.

As she grew, she immediately took a liking to her father's armoury, swinging practice weapons before she could count and sparring before she could write. Her skills with diplomacy and strategy soon proved to match her growing fighting skills. She was matching her father's footsteps and seemed to be outpacing them at points. As she grew so did the contempt that the lesser families felt towards her and the Angst family.

It wasn't long before she would call herself General Regi Angst, making her the youngest Noxian general in the city's history. Much like her father, she became respected and feared for her efficiency and ruthlessness on the battlefield as well as developing a camaraderie with the soldiers she commanded. With the backing of her men and the respect of her peers, she found herself as an adviser to General Du Couteau before his disappearance, a formidable ally for one such as herself. Unfortunately, that made a large portion of Noxus her enemy.

In Noxus, power rules politics and coin rules power. The lesser families came together in a plot to destroy both the Du Couteau and Angst families at once in support of the man they believed was Noxus' true ruler, Jericho Swain.

As Regi sat in the war room with her father, discussing future battle plans for Noxus, one of their guards triggered a silent magical alarm. They were being attacked from the shadows. Through the many years of experience Regina and her father shared, the two immediately formulated a plan to deal with the attackers. With the little time they had, Regina was unable to fully armour herself, opting for less plate and instead favouring a large red coat she had earned from her expeditions in the north. As her and her father drew their swords, the windows burst inwards as lightly armoured men smashed through them, blades drawn.
Some generals in Noxus were feared by their men for their ruthlessness, some feared for their cunning.
Regi and Gregory Angst were respected as warriors.
For what seemed like hours, wave after wave of cutthroats and bandits raided their home and for hours they fended them off. As they neared the dawn, they discovered that survival was not to be.
A single arrow whistled through the shattered windows and into the heart of the mighty Gregory Angst.
Regina watched as her father fell to his knees before keeling over for his slumber. She felt only despair and sorrow but as her heart was wrenched from her chest, she knew this couldn't be the end for her as well. She quickly grabbed her father's blade, Krieg, the Rebellious and fled.

She arrived at the barracks long enough to tell her men and her friends that she was leaving. Their response was singular and immediate as they gathered their things and set out with their ally.
The loss of her father would not weigh her down. From this day forward she decided that it would only empower her to one day return to Noxus and when she returned, the ones that did this would tremble and they would pay.

Passive -  Krieg, the Rebellious
Krieg is the icon of the Angst families virtue. Regi's spirited nature allows her to reduce crowd control effects by 10% for every 3 seconds she remains in combat. Caps at 40%.

Q - Furious Cleave
Regi brings Krieg around in full force, dealing 70/90/110/130/150(.4 Bonus AD) to all enemies hit and causing them to take 6% increased damage from Regi's attacks.

W - Take 'em Down
Regi sweeps low, gashing the legs of all enemies hit dealing 25/40/55/70/85(.25 Bonus AD) and slowing them for 15/17.5/20/22.5/25%.

E - Rebellion
While sharing their values, Regi has never followed Noxus' methods or anyone else's. Regi gains one stack of Rebellion for each second she is in combat. Each stack increases Regi's attack damage by 2/3.5/5/6.5/8. Caps at 10 stacks.

R - Blitz Attack
Regi blitz's with Krieg, instantly dealing a 100/200/300(.5 AD) as she dashes forwards. If an enemy champion is hit by this ability, Regi may use it again for 75% damage.

Basically, I wasn't too sure what I thought of with Regi using an axe and I'm still not 100% sold on the sword. I'll also be tweaking the story quite a bit as this is little more than a rough draft. Should expect to see more updates on Friday.

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  1. A Mace or a flail could make sense as a weapon.