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Monday, 10 March 2014

Morello, Master of Minions

While I am fully aware that the name belongs to a Riot employee, the idea for this character is based purely off of the Morellonomicon not the person it's named for.
That being said, the goal of this champion design is based on the role of minion/pet based champion that many others fit but don't fill.

Morello, Master of Minions

There are few men that live as deep in the Voodoo Lands as Morello does. Known as an older hermit that once traveled Valoran in search of knowledge, adventure, and power, he now sits in his hut growing older and older.
Some say his magic was learned from the ancient tomes of old while others believe he was the pioneer of the dark arts seen today. Regardless, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Nearing his 247th birthday, Morello had begun to grow weary with the world and decided to leave his study in Noxus to travel across the Great Barrier to witness the beautiful atrocities and horrors the wild lands held.
Never having to search far, he learned much from the wilderness and savagery around him. Seeing tribes of witch doctors that could force a man to do things against his will that were constantly warring with tribes known for calling upon their ancestral spirits to help them in battle, Morello became inspired by the tribes and did not believe that the two great magical heritages deserved to have to fight one another.
Thus his evil tome was bound. A book of dark inspiration, research, and experiments. It began with his ideas for using ancients spirits to become the driving force of his personal soldiers, completely devoid of choice.
While the experiments began as something as simple as animating a sword, they soon became quite complex. A full suit of armour, a simple cadaver, and more. As he continued his research, his knowledge increased and the pages of his book were beginning to fill.

While Noxian refugees were not an uncommon sight, seeing so many mages and magic users in one place made Morello uneasy as the refugees of the Grey Order were on his doorstep one day asking for a single night of shelter. Did they know who he was? He was Morello, the harbinger of evil, the most evil mage of them all! As the greatest dark mage to walk Valoran he was not a poor host and agreed to allow the order to make camp on his land. The novelty of the situation didn't last near as long as the wretched living did. They spoke to each other, they practiced magic outside of his home, and they attempted to interact with him. They had to go. Day after day, Morello tried to persuade their leader to leave his land and search for something better suited for their needs but they never seemed to prepare for travel.
One morning, Morello awoke to silence. Grim, dark, and beautiful silence. As he walked around his home, he was pleased to see the Grey Order had left him on his own to continue their expedition. As he walked around his home, he was not pleased to see that they had stolen his research and in a single explosion of fury, the ancient spirits that stalked the voodoo lands were ripped from limbo. The dead began to roll in their graves and the sky darkened.
He was the greatest host across all of Valoran and as Valoran's greatest host, he would not let them go free for their crimes against him. He would leave his title of 'Almighty Host' upon his door mat and he would dawn the title for 'Lord of Darkness' once again to ensure that he had his revenge...

and his book.

"Aha, it has been returned to me!
Wait, what do you mean this is only a replica?" - potentially upon the purchase of Morellonomicon.

P - Help You Help Me
All of his minion's stats scale with his own ability power. Minion health scales with Morello's health.

Q - Necroblast/Ghostly Charge
Necroblast sends out a small skillshot that explodes on impact, slow all enemies hit. Ghostly Charge sends Morello's minion charging into battle to fight for him.

W - Dread Curse/Unwilling Intervention
Morello curses his target, increasing all damage he deals to them. Unwilling Intervention forces his minion to protect his mighty name. Morello must have been attacked by an enemy within x second for this to be usable.

E - Bone Shield/Enrage
Morello's mastery of the dark arts allows him to shield himself with the bones of the deceased, increasing his defense. Enrage greatly increases the attack speed and damage of his minion for the duration.

R - Arise Minion
Available at level 1. Morello summons a minion to fight for him until it's killed. The strength of the minion and it's power vary with rank. Summoning is channeled.
Rank 1 - Living Weapon. Mediocre stats, average movement speed. Medium cooldown
Rank 2 - Wraith. Average stats, slightly increase movement speed. Medium cooldown.
Rank 3 - Knightly Cadaver. Exceptional stats, slightly increased movement speed, increased damage. Lower cooldown.
Rank 4 - Zombie Champion. Exceptional stats, improved movement speed, increased damage, reduces the damage Morello takes if within a short range. Low cooldown.

I figured that this time I would include pros and cons to the champion to better describe how I imagine them playing so here we go.

Decent utility, safe to play, possibly a good champion through all stages of the game.

Unsafe without minion, potentially easy to shut down, fairly simple kit with a large emphasis on the minion living or dying to be useful.

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