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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Qin'jar, the Slayer of the Void

Void champions have almost always been my favourites. Kha'zix and Kassadin are two of my absolute favourite assassins in terms of both playstyle and character. Naturally, I've tried to create a few void characters but I figured I'd try again with...

Qin'jar, the Slayer of the Void

Destiny is an odd thing.
Some are granted their destiny on the day of their birth, others are granted the ability to choose their own, and yet others see their destinies changed before them.
Qin'jar grew up in the beautiful city of Icathia, a city of scholars, of learners, and teachers. Icathia, the City of Knowledge. Qin'jar was thought of as an odd young boy as he never had any interest in playing with his friends, preferring to relax and read the scrolls of various scholars. It wasn't long before he had discovered his path in life. To become a student of Icathia and to learn from it's deepest, darkest secrets. Destiny, however, had something else in store for the young child.

As he progressed in his studies, it came time for him to become a man. With the blessings of his parents and teachers, he struck out to learn from what the world had to offer.
In a few short years, he had accrued his own personal based purely off of his own adventures. Becoming known as one of the greatest explorers of his generation, he often uncovered ancient ruins from a time long, long ago. Unfortunately, his exploits also gathered the watchful eye of creatures that were not of this world.
While dusting off some large tomes, a book that was bound in chains and seals fell from the shelf before him. Despite being a very logical being, he could not help buy open the bound tome.
Thus, his destiny would change forever.

Seconds, minutes, centuries, they're all the same in the Void. Time passes so slowly... or quickly, Qin'jar couldn't decide which. He had hibernated for some time in the void as far as he could tell. As his mind was now indoctrinated and his body designed to fit the needs of the Void, their newest assassin set foot on Valoran for the first time in a millennium with target in mind.
To reach his target, he must first become  member of the League of Legends to be given a chance to face the greatest enemy of the void.


"Be sure to keep an open mind... or I'll open it for you."

P - Psionic Void Blade
Qin'jar's blade is fused with the power of Void powers and his personal knowledge and experience. Qin'jar's next basic attack will deal bonus damage based off of the distance traveled since the last attack.

Q - Mind Spike
Qin'jar uses his psionic abilities to attack his target's mind, causing them to take damage and reduces their magic resistance.

W - Psiblast
Qin'jar unleashes a blast of raw psionic energy, disrupting the minds of nearby enemies. Enemies hit are slowed and take damage.

E - Psicharge
Qin'jar empowers himself with a blend of Void and psionic energy before blinking at his target, dealing damage plus bonus damage equal to a percentage of the target's maximum health(or a flat damage increase versus manaless targets).

R - Onslaught of the Void
Fusing void energies directly into his psionic powers, Qin'jar erupts in a flurry of attacks, rapidly striking his target while remaining untargetable. As that target's health decreases, the damage from the attacks increases and the target receives reduced healing effects.

Pros: Good assassination potential, encourages roaming, good single target damage.
Cons: Poor team fighting, very little waveclear and area damage, no hard crowd control.

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