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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Void Invasion Part One

I've put a lot of thought into League of Legends game modes over the years and the one that has always appealed to me the most was a horde mode.
I play a little bit of Dota2 here and there and I thought the Wraith Night game mode was amazingly fun, even if there wasn't much variety in it. In addition to this, I've always been a fan of hack and slash action RPGs so I figured it was only natural to want a horde mode.

Now, I would like to present the story behind this mode.

Void Invasion

The Institute of War was a great step forward for peacekeeping across Valoran and was a major driving force behind unnecessary magic usage across the continent. Unfortunately, the damage caused by the Rune Wars ran deeper than anyone imagined, into the very fabric of existence. The residual magic energies left by the wars caused a large number of anomalies across the land which lead so some very strange oddities and discoveries. Ancient beings were awakened, newer beings were brought into existence, and others became altered or mutated. These were the least of the Institute's concerns.

The Institute of War had to prepare for the approaching chaos. They needed to prepare for the Void's horrors as it crept onto the physical world's doorstep. It came as no surprise when the monstrous creatures of the Void began to enter the physical world. Cho'gath, Kog'maw, and Kha'zix made the Institute uneasy but at the same time made them feel somewhat relieved. Of the three, Cho'gath appeared to be the only creature that valued intelligence over primal instinct. When a rift to the Void was opened for Vel'koz, the Institute became uneasy. Why would the Void need to observe them? A creature such as him appeared to behave similarly to the many alchemists and engineers of Zaun and Piltover so what was his purpose? Who was he to report to if anyone at all?

The Eye of the Void had already begun to reveal their world to the Void. As the weeks passed and the months progressed, the Void prepared for their finest hour. The day when they would rip open the pathway to the physical world came and as dusk settled across Valoran, the Institute of War prepared. The signs of Void Rifts were obvious as the Void Walker had revealed to them. As the Champions of the League of Legends stood guard over their beloved homes, the Rifts began to open and the armies of the Void flooded upon the world.

As the hordes descended upon the cities, the landscapes, and the homes of the bravest defenders, the creatures of the Void had only a single command. Rain destruction upon the land and reclaim the land that rightfully belong to their master.
Daddy was coming home.

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