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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Void Invasion Part Two

Void Invasion is horde mode at it's core with a few different missions to break things up with different goals. Survival of the fittest, the Champions of the Institute of War must once again prove themselves worthy of the title of Legends.
A few general notes.

  • All Champions are level 18.
  • All Champions receive 20,000 Gold to start.
  • Runaan's Hurricane is disabled.
  • Tiamat and Ravenous Hydra are disabled on some champions(namely Riven and others with large amounts of AoE damage already).
  • Lifesteal caps off at 20% from all sources.
  • Guardian Angel may be purchased but if no allies are standing at any point in the game(or are currently being revived by Zilean's ultimate or Guardian Angel) the mission is failed.

I will be adding some champion-specific alterations in a later post.

The missions will be a chain of events with two difficulties, Normal mode and Legends mode.
In Normal mode, most fight mechanics will not cause a mission loss unless repeatedly failed. In Legends mode, everything deals increased damage and has increased health. Failing mechanics usually leads to failing the mission.

Here are the missions.

Destruction of the Assault

Mission Guidelines

  • Each wave varies with minions. Normal mode has a boss every 5 waves. Legends mode has a boss every 4 waves.
  • Champions must survive 15 waves in Normal mode or 20 waves in Legends mode.
  • After dying, Champions must wait 15 + 3 seconds per wave to respawn unless an allied champion channels to revive them.
  • If the Nexus is destroyed, the mission is failed.
Straight defense mission.
Early waves will have extremely large numbers of weak enemies that slowly increase in strength and durability. The boss waves will consist of 3-6 larger enemies that are much stronger with very powerful attacks that must be dodged or avoided in order to survive.


  • Enemies regularly spawn and must be slain to move forward.
  • A large number of rifts consistently spawn enemies. The more open rifts, the more enemies flow.
  • Closing rifts reduces the entry points for enemies. Fewer open rifts, higher concentration of enemies from remaining rifts.
  • After the rifts, a wall is put between the Champions and the exit. The wall can be destroyed through direct damage and basic attacks and may not be crossed by any other means.
  • At least one champion has to reach the exit to succeed.
  • A wave of empowered enemies spawns every 60 seconds on normal, 30 seconds on Legends mode.
Combination of mobility and survival skills.
The closer you get to the end, the denser the enemies will be as you close the rifts. Wall can't be crossed except by breaking through it to avoid cheesing it with Fizz, Tryndamere, etc.

Fill the Void

  • Single enemy. Empowered Void champion.
  • Vel'koz may cast all abilities on the move and his passive also increases damage the enemies take. Plasma Fission fires multiple secondary bolts instead of only two, Void Rift deals damage per second and lasts longer, and Tectonic Disruption becomes a barrage, hitting multiple locations.
  • Cho'gath's Void Spikes knocks targets back, Rupture hits an increased area, and Feral Scream becomes a skillshot and moves the same way Nami's ultimate does. Cho'gath will focus on a single enemy and begin moving towards them before using Feast. If kited for 15 seconds, he will give up the chase.
  • All of Kha'zix's abilities are evolved. Leap cooldown is always at 5 seconds, Taste Their Fear is unchanged, Void Spikes are unchanged, Kha'zix stealths every 8 seconds on Normal or every 4 seconds on Legends mode.
  • The entire battlefield is covered by Kog'maw's Void Ooze, all his attacks reduce armour and magic resistance, Bio-Arcane Barrage remains the same, and Living Artillery hits multiple locations per cast. Passive deals increased damage in a larger radius.
  • At least one player must survive the encounter to close the rift.

The big bad boss fight. The story will lead up to Kassadin fighting Malzahar one versus one to prevent him from interfering. Completely random which enemy is fought. If any remaining players die to Kog'maw's Icathian Surprise, the mission is failed.

Naturally, it would require a lot of tweaking and toying with but that's my idea for a story mission for League of Legends. I think it could prove to be interesting for some monsters to have unique combat mechanics to help players improve their skills with positioning and timing rather than the mode be designed purely for the narrative.

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