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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Seymo, the Renegade Sniper

So, originally I had created a single Spec. Ops yordle that used a combination of long range attacks with some close range defensive abilities but it didn't really work out.
Instead, I split this original yordle into two different characters. Krunch and now Seymo.
Seymo was created with the goal of creating a poke oriented AD versus the more bursty Caitlyn and the more sustained damage Kog'maw and Tristana.

Seymo, the Renegade Sniper

Growing up, Seymo was always quite the adventurer, as is typical for young yordles. What made Seymo different was that while his friends would go exploring in forbidden places, Seymo would be the one standing watch.
It didn't surprise anyone when he and his friends joined the Bandle City Special Forces. They always knew that the constant roughhousing and getting their noses in places they shouldn't would eventually lead to this.

They were unstoppable. They complete mission after mission with ease. Whether it was protecting a VIP or taking out high priority targets, they were unmatched in their efficiency.
Much like when they were growing up, his friends would always be on the front lines. While this would bother some, in never affected them. They always knew that Seymo had them covered.

One day they were given a mission to set up defense around a research lab just outside of Bandle City as there were rumours of an impending Noxian assault.
As the team lay in rest outside of the lab, the attack never came. For days, they waited but nothing happened. The team received orders to return home after a week.
As the team prepared to leave, Seymo kept watch as something made him uneasy about the day. There were no critters wandering about, no birds chirping in the air. As he turned his scope to the valley ahead, a focused beam of energy shattered his scope, blinding his right eye and knocking him back. When managed to scurry back up to his nest, all he saw before him were ruins. In  an instant the lab and his team was gone.

There was no time to waste, he rushed back to headquarters immediately to report the situation. When he arrived, he was denied access on the premise of crossing Bandle City and was immediately exiled. A fate worse than death for many yordles.
Seymo fell into despair as in an instant he had lost everything. In an instant he had everything taken from him. In an instant he settled on revenge.
Seymo knew there were many other yordles that were wronged by the Special Forces and many that got what they deserved. He also knew that there were many that wouldn't care if their next target had been their old commanders.

From then on, Seymo set out to find a team of champions to help him right the injustice he had witnessed. He knew what he must do and he knew how he would do it. With the help of the Institute of War, he would fix his eye and then he would fix Bandle City.

Passive- Called Shot
Seymo fires a called shot that reaches double his normal range every x seconds. This attack cannot benefit from critical strikes.

Q- Special Munitions
Seymo is able to choose between two types of special ammunition.
Armour Piercing: Seymo's bullets ignore a large portion of the target's armour.
Tracers: Seymo's attacks reveal enemies in fog of war but does not grant vision around them.

W- Tranquilizer
Seymo's next basic attack fires a tranquilizing dart that slows the target for a short period of time.

E- Pick 'Em Off
Seymo deals increased damage to enemies that are not near their allied champions, minions, or towers.

R- Confirmed Kill
Seymo's next basic attack gains a drastic increase in range.(At max rank, think of a basic attack hitting the mid lane from the bot lane. Very low cooldown.)

For the most part, I'm happy with how this turned out. I wanted him to almost be a support carry if that makes any sense whatsoever. Offers a good amount of utility with drastically increased range with a heavy emphasis on poke.
It would also be an absolute requirement for him to have an Arctic Warfare skin to go along with his name trying to reference White Death.

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