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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Raligier, the Noble Crusader

You know how every now and then you get an idea stuck in your head and it gets you really, really excited? That was Raligier for me.
The goal was to make him feel like a saint of retribution or justice. The idea spawned from my love of paladins in high fantasy. Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, you name it. Paladins have almost always been my main class.
Naturally, I gave him the same name that I've given most of my paladins.

Raligier, the Noble Crusader

The Prodigal Explorer. Ezreal has always been known for finding some of the deepest and darkest secrets in Runeterra. How he does it, few will ever know.

Ezreal had heard professors talking of a new discovery in Demacia that could be a major upset in their historical records. New discovery and something to upset the professors? He was in.

After weeks of research, he found that the location in question was along the Great Barrier, a large structure was discovered that apparently has ties to Demacian structural design. Thus the journey began.

As he arrived at the location, he began to feel excited as he saw the beautiful arches and columns of Demacian design. The smooth curves, the elegant etchings, the large, flawless, white marble statue emanating light. That was new. That wasn't something Ezreal had seen in Demacia.

As he approached the statue, he saw a plaque at the base of the statue that read "Under Raligier's protection, we will be just." Seemed kinda silly. Almost as silly as a statue that glows and gets really bright. Like the statue in front of him that began to crack.
'Now would be a good time to leave.' Was Ezreal's only thought as he shifted out of the grand cathedral.

The statue continued to crack and the ground began to shake as the pillars started to crumble. In a cacophony of light and crushing stone, the statue exploded as the cathedral became completely illuminated, as if there were light coming from every crack and cranny of the great structure.
A being made of raw light strode forward as the walls around it began to break. With each step, the rumbling increased. With each step, a pillar fell. With each step, a shadow disappeared.
As the great being reached the mighty gates, beautiful silver armour began to form around him and a beam from the sun itself focused it's light on the ground in front of the mighty being and in it's rays, a sword was formed. The knight of light drew the sword and for a moment, there was no darkness across Runeterra. There was only light.

Happenings such as this do not go unnoticed by the Institute of War. Within minutes, a team of specially trained mages had surrounded this great knight. As the leader stepped forward to confront the mysterious figure, the armoured one knelt before him and in a voice that was both pleasant and horrible, beautiful yet terrible, the knight declared:

"I am Raligier, defender of the light, destroyer of darkness, keeper of the divine, and bane of the wretched. By my sword I pledge my allegiance to those before me so that I may fight for the sake of all that is good and just in this world. With your acceptance of me, I will fight on behalf of the Institute of War so that I may abolish evil for the sake of Runeterra."

As he rose from his knee to greet the shocked mages, so rose a new champion of justice.

"Darkness only exists if the light allows it."

Passive - Inner Light
Raligier's pure mind grants him increased focus, allowing him to take reduced damage from magical attacks. Raligier gains increased magic resistance and grants nearby allies half of the bonus.

Q - Divine Fire
Raligier becomes wreathed in flames, granting him a damaging aura. The ability can be activated again to concentrate the aura into his sword to increase the damage of his next attack.

W - Wretched and Divine
Raligier as a paragon of justice can choose to smite the wretched before him or to heal his allies. If self-targeted, the ability only has half of it's normal effectiveness.

E - Holy Strength
Raligier gains increased damage on his next x attacks by a percentage increase. This ability may also be used on allies to increase the damage of one attack.

R - By Fire Be Purged
With his divine powers, Raligier shrouds himself and all nearby allies in flame, granting them unique damaging auras and granting them a small bonus to crowd control reduction.

I was tossing around ideas on how a champion could give his entire team an increase to damage without being too powerful and I settled on this. The idea is that with his ultimate, it would work the same way two Sunfire Capes interact with each other. All five(or three) teammates can't just stack on a target to obliterate their health, instead it's focused more on covering as much ground as possible.

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