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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Teech, the Bilgewater Mogul

I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out a unique support that can feel badass and act like he doesn't care about his allies while still having a reason to support them.
After more struggling than I care to admit, I think I got something I'm really comfortable with and feel as though it works really well.

Teech, the Bilgewater Mogul

It takes a special kind of person to survive in the scum infested waters of Bilgewater. It takes a lunatic to be prosperous.
Few can lay claim to the work that Teech has completed in Bilgewater and ever fewer would want to. Having once been a mere grunt worker for a well known pirate, Teech slaved over menial jobs day in and day out until one day he was given the opportunity to change all that.
A wealthy business man had decided that the pirate captain was becoming too much of a hassle to ignore so he would pay Teech the ship's worth and a little extra to sneak in to the captain's cabin and slit his throat as he slept. The young lad that was Teech was a man of his word and a man that fancied his gold. The pirate captain never saw the rising sun.

As his new found friend came to board Teech's ship to claim it as their own in exchange for the gold they had brought, Teech used the wonderful connections he had made over the short time he had spent on the ship and rallied the crew to take the merchant ship, along with the gold. After their newly claimed ship displayed their colours, Teech had something he needed to do.
As the ships docked in Bilgewater, he approached a fellow captain and offered him riches for his services. Who was the captain to say no to gold? He accepted and after the two had fully restocked their ships, they set sail as Teech's personal fleet.

Within a year, Teech had collected over twenty ships and their crews. He was now the most richest man in Bilgewater but he had one final item he needed to collect. The Dead Pool. The only man that Teech could consider a rival was none other than the League Champion Gangplank. Unfortunately, due to the Institute of War, it was going to be difficult to claim his prize. In order to do so, he will have to fight in the League of Legends and defeat Gangplank there in order to claim the title of Pirate King.

"I'll make you an offer you can't refuse." - Teech to a deceased pirate captain. He tried to refuse.

P - Extensive Networks
One does not reach Teech's position without making some enemies along the way. Fortunately, Teech has just as many friends that support his cause. Teech has increased passive gold generation and gains a small bonus to assist gold.

Q - Bribery
Teech throws a bag of gold at the target, bribing them and forcing them to walk towards him. The damage scales with the amount of gold Teech has earned with his Extensive Networks.
(think Ahri Charm without the damage increase)

W - "Incentive"
Teech offers his ally some "Incentive" from the barrel of his pistol. While active, target ally gains a percentage increase to AD and AP that diminishes over time.

E - Double Time
Increases the movement speed of all nearby allies and gives them a small bonus to tenacity. The duration scales with the gold earned from Extensive Networks.

R - No Strings Attached
Teech lobs a large bag of gold at his enemies, tying them to it and slowing them. If all enemies tied to the bag move in the same direction, they can pull the bag with them.
Once Teech has received X gold from Extensive Networks, the bag will slow enemies even if they're pulling it.

The main goal with designing Teech was to create a champion that didn't scale with attack damage because he doesn't want to reduce himself to a level where he feels the need to fight, he has others to do that for him. At the same time, I didn't want him to have any kind of magical abilities so scaling with ability power didn't seem to fit. Once again, he's not a fighter so he can't really scale similarly to Taric and Leona.

Pros: Reliable support income, consistent scaling, strong teamfight presence.
Cons: Only one form of hard CC, relies heavily on allies, poor skirmishing abilities.

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